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Abshire-Smith integrates account funding by CASHU

In response to the growing demand for methods of online funding, Abshire Smith, the FCA broker located in London, England and CASHU has announced today a new partnership.  This will allow clients (Middle Eastern in specific) to fund their Abshire-Smith trading accounts using CASHU Prepaid Cards or electronically. Abshire-Smith has a global client base and is continuously expanding funding options to facilitate and simplify the process for clients.

Established in 2002 by Maktoob (now Yahoo); CASHU is a safe payment method designed for and customised to suit, serve all Arabic speaking and surrounding countries with secure, accessible and easy to use payment solutions with the most sophisticated and up to date fraud prevention and AML systems.

Funding your trading account with Abshire Smith using CASHU is simple:

  1. Open a live trading account with Abshire-Smith
  2. Select the CASHU icon on the Abshire-Smith homepage and create a new account then fund your account and finally make a payment. (For more information regarding creating a CASHU account please visit the CASHU website).
  3. Funds are deposited into you live trading account, and you can begin trading.

CEO of Abshire-Smith Adam Neal;

 “CASHU provides our growing client base an new alternative for simple and transparent solution to fund their Abshire-Smith trading accounts. For some clients a bank-to-bank wire transfer isn’t possible, so we are expanding the funding choices we offer. The new funding solution is one of many that we will be implementing in 2014.”

If you have any questions or would like further information about Abshire-Smith or the integration of CASHU, please feel free to contact us.

About Abshire-Smith

Abshire-Smith is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority under firm reference number 590890, with the head office in the City of London, England. We provide access to the financial markets for an international client base via 3 trading platforms (VertexFX10, Straticator and MetaTrader 4), platform bridges and FIX/API connections.


CASHU is an online payment solution launched in 2002 by Maktoob (now Yahoo),  providing low-cost options for depositing funds, primarily servicing Middle Eastern clients. If you have any questions or would like further information about Abshire-Smith or the integration of CASHU, please contact us.

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