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Abshire-Smith Market Analysis

Safe haven flows driven by global tension

The financial markets movement this week is likely to be dominated by the aftermath of the downed Malaysian Airways flight MH17 and the ongoing ground operation by Israeli troops in Gaza. The Ukrainian/Russian conflict was heightened after the passenger jet was downed in Ukraine, with global leaders quick to criticise, yet definite facts as to who is to blame are unclear. The likelihood of further sanctions to Russian countries, as a means of intervention unnerves investors. ...

UK Unemployment Lowest Since 2008, Poor Wage Data

The Office for National Statistics has released the monthly unemployment figures, with the headline UK ILO Unemployment figure for May was in line with expectations at 6.5%. This is the lowest unemployment rate since October to December 2008; this was just before a significant amount of redundancies began. Jobless claims fell by 36,600, which is higher than the estimated reduction of -27,000 jobs....

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