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Abshire-Smith Market Analysis

Putin, Oil and the Ruble

The Russian Ruble’s recent moves have hit the financial headlines, after wild swings, interest rate increases and market intervention. The value of the Ruble has moved dramatically this week, being deemed “untradeable” by some analysts. The Russian economy is currently under some stress due to western sanctions; however the main implication is the decline in the price of crude. The heavy reliance on the commodity has put Putin under pressure as the price has collapsed, with price floor for oil...

Is $40 a barrel the floor for Oil?

The price of Oil has collapsed since the start of the year, with concerns of the global recovery being derailed. Oil producing nations, who rely on the black gold for revenue, are in risk of having to cut expenditure following the commodity rollercoaster. US Oil (WTI Crude) has traded below $60 for the first time in 5 years on Thursday and there is a concern that there could be further to fall. Countries that are expected to suffer are net exporters of Oil, and rely primarily on government reve...

The SNB reaffirms 1.20 floor

The Swiss National Bank has reaffirmed their commitment to the minimum exchange rate of CHF 1.20 per Euro. “Consequently, the SNB will continue to enforce the minimum exchange rate with the utmost determination. It is prepared to buy foreign currency in unlimited quantities for this purpose.” There had been concern that a referendum (Save Our Swiss Gold) would leave the SNB unable to maintain the floor. The initiative was rejected by the Swiss people, which initially put a bid into EURCHF.....

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