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European Market Open

A top US central banker on Monday warned the “feral hogs” of financial markets against overreacting to the Federal Reserve’s plans to slow its bond buying, as yields on US Treasuries climbed to their highest level since August 2011 - FT

Deutsche Bank cuts commodity forecasts: Gold by 7% for 2013 and cuts 2014 price by 11%

Ex-Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi was sentenced to 7 years in jail and banned from holding office on Monday after being found guilty of having sex with an underage prostitute

FTSE 100 hit a 5-month low as volatility increased

Gold, Silver and Copper all tank on Chinese credit fears

Deutsche Bank is top of the European investment banking hierarchy, according to figures released yesterday that show the company has earned more fees than any of its rivals so far in 2013 - CityAM

UK supermarkets begin a “price war” on petrol as they begin to lower prices

The mobile application Snapchat which has become hugely popular in recent months has been valued at around $800m - FT

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