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Bank Of England's Mervyn King Says He Is Not Talking Sterling Down

During the early part of the US session yesterday Sterling was bid in FX space, reversing recent declines. Mervyn King current Governor of the Bank of England had a pre-recorded, exclusive interview with ITV News (British News Channel) however the price action indicates that this could have been leaked. King said that the recovery is finally “in sight,” only a short time after he changed his stance and voted for further quantitative easing. In the interview he said that if you remove construction and North Sea Oil from the calculation, then the economy would have grown by 1.5%. King only holds the post of Governor for 3 more months, when current Bank of Canada Mark Carney takes the helm. Some analysts and even MPC welcome the weaker pound as it is hoped that this would increase exports, and help kick-start the economy. However the UK’s biggest trade partners the United States and Europe, are also struggling, importing less. Sterling has continued its strength throughout the Asian session against the Dollar and is now trading with a 1.51 handle, from a low early in the week of 1.48.


FTSE 100 closed at its highest level since 2007

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In a further blow to the beleaguered economy, Greece is set to lay off more than 5,000 civil servants before the end of 2014.              

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