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The Dow Jones Industrial Average Closes At Record High of 14,254

Dow Jones closed at an all-time record high of 14,254

FTSE 100 touches a post Lehman Brother’s intra-day high 6,342

British manufacturers must not be “blindsided” by the importance of trading with Europe because the “big future for exports” is with emerging markets, according to Jim O’Neill, chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management - Daily Telegraph

Capital flight from Cyprus has accelerated since eurozone politicians began threatening losses for bank depositors, and may have reached 12pc of the country's GDP over the last month - Daily Telegraph

An academic seen by some as the brains behind Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's push for aggressive monetary easing pulled no punches in his criticism of the Bank of Japan at a confirmation hearing to see if he's suitable to become one of the central bank's deputy governors – WSJ

RBA rate cuts start to show benefits in GDP growth, Q4 GDP up 0.6pc QoQ

House prices rose by 0.5% in February, it said, with property values now 1.9% higher than a year ago. The average property now costs £163,600 - Halifax UK Housing Survey

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