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Facebook Hits 1 Billion Users and US Non-Farm Payrolls

If you live in the western world, then unless you have been living under a rock, you will know what Facebook is and hear colleagues, friends and children discuss it on a near daily basis. For many it is a part of their daily routine of logging in to Facebook to check updates and pictures from their friends. If you have somehow not come across the social media platform, then Facebook was a social experiment setup in Mark Zuckerberg's dorm room, which has grown to have over 1 billion users. This is a landmark achievement for a company that has struggled with negative coverage from analysts since the disastrous IPO. This is due to the fact the company clearly has a large amount of users, but questions linger over how Facebook will monetise this without infringing on personal data. Zuckerberg acknowledges that a larger proportion of users are now viewing the social media site through mobile applications, which Facebook currently struggles to monetise. Growth in the western world has plateaued, but in Africa and Asia it has only made a small dent in comparison, with a large potential upside.

Today is the first Friday of the month and the last trading session of the week. That means there is the pivotal U.S. jobs number Non-Farm Payrolls.  

Estimates from the banks*:

Goldman Sachs: 100K

JPMorgan Chase: 100K

Credit Suisse: 95K

Deutsche Bank: 110K

HSBC Markets: 140K

Morgan Stanley: 125K

RBC Capital Markets: 100K

Societe Generale:  93K

UBS: 85K

Barclays: 100K

BNP Paribas: 75K

Bank of America Merrill Lynch Research: 90K

Commerzbank: 120K

Wells Fargo: 100K

*Source Bloomberg

Median Estimate of the selection above: 102,357K

Median Estimate for all Bloomberg contributors: 115K

If you are on Twitter, then a mixture of analysts, journalists and traders tweet their estimates (punts/guesses) with the #NFPGuesses hastag.


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