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Legal Documents

Please note institutional accounts should email for the required documents that will need completing.

List A – Proof of Residential Address

  1. An original or copy of a recent (no more than 4 months old) utility bill stating your name and residential address;
  2. An original or copy of a recent (no more than4 months old) bank statement stating your name and residential address.
  3. A letter from the personal lawyer of the applicant confirming your residential address. The letter must be on lawyer’s headed paper containing the lawyer’s address, phone number(s), email address and his/her Bar/Association membership number. Please attach a copy of the lawyer’s professional ID.

Please note: Mobile telephone bills are not acceptable

List B – Proof of Identity

  1. A copy of your valid passport;
  2. CPR Number (Danish clients)

In certain circumstances the accompanying documentation is required to be certified. The compliance process we have in places takes a sample of applications for increased due diligence and applications originating from certain countries. Certification can be carried out by Abshire-Smith employees, lawyer, Notary Public, Consulate or Embassy official. The key elements of these documents need to be translated into English. The certification must clearly show the organisations stamp, date and contact details for who has certified the document. It is required that the copy is clearly visible and dated within 4 months to be accepted.

If you require further clarification as to the legal documentation please contact us
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