VertexFX Risk Management Bridge

About the VertexFX Auto Clearing Bridge:

Abshire-Smith sources liquidity from multiple sources such as investment banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading desks. Our business model is agency only, all client orders are cleared and executed with liquidity providers, Abshire-Smith is not a market maker.

Benefits of using the VertexFX Risk Management Bridge:

How does it work?

1. Open a cover trading account with Abshire-Smith and fund to cover the margin of client positions. This is a simple process to meet the regulatory requirements of the FCA.

2. Abshire-Smith IT department completes the integration process to setup the VertexFX - VertexFX connection. (There is no cost for this and is done remotely)

3. Abshire-Smith provides institutional trading conditions which allow the broker to mark-up on this spread and or add a commission. This offering is possible, due to the volume of trades that we clear on a daily basis enabling us to provide low margins tight spreads and good execution.

4. The parameters are set for which clients the broker would like to STP orders for; such as individual clients (large size, profitable etc), groups of traders or all orders. The bridge can be setup to handle 0 - 100% of client orders via an API connection

5. It is a requirement to maintain margin with Abshire-Smith to cover the positions; the margin is calculated on a net basis.

Abshire-Smith and Hybrid Solutions

Abshire-Smith is an appointed liquidity provider (by the developers Hybrid Solutions) for the award winning VertexFX 10 platform.

Abshire-Smith has developed liquidity partnerships and leverage our institutional volumes to provide aggregated, deep liquidity to the VertexFX brokers network. As an , we utilise the technological capabilities of the risk management bridge matched with client segregated accounts.

Setting up a Liquidity Demo

Abshire-Smith is able to provide tailored liquidity streams to match your requirements. To setup a demo or if you have any questions please contact the Abshire-Smith trading desk.

Do you want to open an institutional account for manual covering with Abshire-Smith?