Direct Market Access

Abshire-Smith can provide direct market access (DMA) for Forex FX, CFDs and equities. We leverage our relationships to provide access to tier 1 liquidity and aggregation venues (ECNs). For direct market access, download the Straticator trading platform.
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Benefits and Description

Abshire-Smith is able to provide direct market access for spot FX, CFDs and equities. DMA liquidity is sourced from various venues and our clients can benefit from our extensive industry relationships. The no dealing desk (NDD) agency execution removes the conflict of interest between the broker and the client. Our DMA offering is open for all clients.

  1. Raw spread + commission trading accounts
  2. Spread all-inclusive of costs trading accounts
  3. We do not offer swap-free direct market access accounts
  4. Liquidity sourced from tier 1 banks, proprietary trading desks and ECNs
  5. Low rejection rates
  6. Build your own robots, for automated trading strategies
  7. Scalping, high frequency and news trading accepted
  8. Reduced market impact of executed orders due to multiple liquidity providers
  9. Anonymous trading
  10. Trade FX, CFDs and equities
  11. Connected via FIX
  12. No monthly minimums for trade volume

Liquidity Pool

You may connect to our liquidity pool through a number of different mediums. To find out further information please email with your full contact details and required services.