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Bernanke Suprises the Markets

At the Wednesday announcement and the press conference the Federal Reserved surprised investors by holding the monthly stimulus at the current level of $85bn. The majority of analysts has expect the FOMC to vote to begin to taper at the September meeting, with the size being in dispute.

The decision was released at 19:00 (London) with an accompanying statement followed by a press conference at 19:30 with Fed Chief, Ben Bernanke.

The unchanged level of monthly bond-purchased had caught many investors by surprise, leading to a sharp move in many markets. The USD was sold across the board, and giving a boost to EMFX following the recent rout. The yellow metal was heavily bid, up over $70 in the hours following the event, reversing the recent downward trend.

Spot Gold Chart

Spot Gold    Source: Abshire-Smith/VertexFX 10


The Fed’s decision to leave stimulus unchanged, led to the USD being sold across the board, and gave a boost to cable, pushing the pair to the highest level since 14th January 2013. Sterling was already trading at 8-month highs prior to the release as markets believe the UK economy is “turning a corner”. To sustain the move, and potentially take a leg higher this morning’s Retail Sales data released at 9:30am (London).

GBPUSD    Source: Abshire-Smith/VertexFX 10

The FTSE 100 cash index opened up +1.20% at 6637.73, following the move in the US, as the S&P 500 reached new all-time highs, as stimulus was left unchanged.

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