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Ceasefire Agreed Between Israel and Gaza

Following the terrorist attack on the bus in Tel Aviv yesterday, immediately following Crude futures spiked, due to the uncertainty. Subsequently Hammas has agreed a ceasefire with Israel, in a deal brokered by Egypt. In this eight-day conflict there has been ‘140 Palestinians and 5 Israelis killed’ (CityAM). Hopefully following the ceasefire the bloodshed will end and relative calm will return.

Mike Lynch the boss of UK software firm Autonomy prior to its acquisition by HP has spoken with the media to refute the claims of accounting irregularities. Speaking openly with different media outlets the former boss is standing strong on his position that, they firm is being used as a scapegoat for the mismanagement of HP bosses. He also states, that he first heard of the supposed Autonomy irregularities when HP announced their earnings.


Monday the 3rd of December is being tipped at Cyber-Monday, the most intense day of online Christmas shopping -CityAM

Standard Life cuts 139 jobs in restructuring

Taiwan’s unemployment rate remained unchanged at 4.30% in October, in line with expectations

Fitch downgrades Cyprus by two notches to BB-, maintaining a negative outlook, citing a weaker economic outlook

Lloyds bank is going to help 100 so-called Zombie firms that are only just staying afloat by sending out advisers - CityAM

FT Deutschland faces closure, decision expected on Friday after 12 years in business 

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