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US Voters Take To The Ballot Boxes

US voters are in the final stretch of on the most expensive Presidential campaigns in history. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were campaigning up until the final hours in some of the key swing states and voters will be marking their ballots today. There will be exit poll indications of the result most likely from the close in Europe. However the Obama’s lead is believed to be marginal and exit polls are only an indication. 

Analysts have written various notes on the potential market implications from the US Presidential outcomes.  Yet due to both campaigning for the majority, neither candidate has pledged any extreme financial policies. Regardless of whom wins the election, the hard work is only just beginning for the next President, be that Romney or Obama. The US is starting to show shoots of a recovery, but it is likely to be a painful and potentially drawn out one.


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"Tomorrow, we begin a new tomorrow- Mitt Romney (US Presidential candidate 2012)

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