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Will There Will Be More Quantitative Easing (QE3) ?

-The late buy in the US session some have contributed to a note released by JP Morgan stating that there is a 75% chance of a 3rd round of QE

-The political tension in Middle East continues with widespread criticism of the ‘massacre’ in Syria.

-UK Retails Sales on the rise stemming the hope of a recovery and avoiding a second recession

-Wall Street bonuses down by 25% compared to last year according to US regulators – CityAM

-Article released by IIF state outcome of disorderly Greek default which may exceed €1 trillion

-As regulators are investigating the potential overhaul of Libor due to claims of benchmark manipulation – FT

-Police clash with protesters in Pushkin Square, Moscow over election outcome and opposition belief of voting interrogatories

-In a worrying sign for the global economy China has ditched double-digit growth with the GDP target lowered to 7.5%, as premier promises reform

-Asian stocks decline on economic concerns – Bloomberg

-UK equity markets open much softer than expected


The ECB published a report of the impact of  2010 the World Cup on financial markets. Trading volumes in the City dropped 26.5% below average during England games, compared with a 60% plummet in Frankfurt during games featuring the German national Team.– SquareMile Magazine

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